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    In windows 2003 server i can see in the task manager, where print spoolsv.exe takes more than 50% of CPU utilisaton,Infact nobody is printing.If i try to stop this services and start then my cpu idle comes to 99 % and after 15 minutes again spoolsv.exe takes more than 50%.

    Is there any solutions for this.


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    Friday, September 14, 2007 8:16 AM

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  • Hi!

    Spoolsv.exe MAY be a virus/trojan!!!!

    I was unable to get Intenet/email access. While on phone with ISP tech
    support, Zone Alarm alerted me that mIRC was trying to act as a server.
    I denied. I've never had/used IRC. Ctrl+Alt+Dlt showed NO applications
    running. Full scan with AVG antiVirus found NOTHING. Used Start/Find
    to search for *mIRC*.* (asterisks being wildcards) Found a folder in
    Windows/System/dcache/scan containing numerous BAD files.
    (One mirc.reg file with a REGEDIT4 HKEY....Username of 'Cracks_boy'.)


    Another file in the folder, 'start.bat' basically tells your computer to stop
    spoolsv.exe, then UNinstall spoolsv.exe (which, I THINK should be in
    System 32 folder), and then REinstall cracks_boy's version of spoolsv.exe
    and RUN files called 'hiderun.exe, spoolsv.exe and mirc.exe..."

    All-in-all, this piece of crud runs IRC letting the jerk have full-access to your
    files, your computer (as a server) AND it's invisable to you and most antivirus

    I THINK it was inside free web site template downloaded from a German site.

    Try two (2) things: #1) Start/Run, 'cmd', Enter. Does the black dialogue box pop-up
    and immediately disappear? BAD. #2) Is there a: Windows/System/dcache/scan
    folder containing numerous files? If so, you're probably infected.

    Tuesday, October 9, 2007 5:22 AM