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  • I have a SOA service (written in .NET 4.0) I've created for a Windows 2008 R2 HPC cluster. The main cluster is three Win2008 R2 VMs (one head node/broker and two compute nodes). It runs fine there. I am trying to add a Windows 7 workstation node. The service does not load there. .NET 4.0 is installed there (and 4.5 now, too). Below is test results from the Load SOA service test. Any ideas how I can get this working?

    • Load SOA service: <MyService>


    • Could not connect to net.tcp://localhost:9199/352/30509/_defaultEndpoint. The connection attempt lasted for a time span of 00:00:02.0311330. TCP error code 10061: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it


    • Could not load file or assembly 'file://\\<HeadNode>\ServicesR2\<MyService>.dll' or one of its dependencies. This assembly is built by a runtime newer than the currently loaded runtime and cannot be loaded.


    • *** Assembly Binder Log Entry (10/19/2012 @ 9:52:19 AM) *** The operation failed. Bind result: hr = 0x8013101b. No description available. Assembly manager loaded from: C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\mscorwks.dll Running under executable C:\Program Files\Microsoft HPC Pack 2008 R2\bin\HpcServiceHost32.exe --- A detailed error log follows. === Pre-bind state information === LOG: User = <User> LOG: Where-ref bind. Location = \\\\<HeadNode>\ServicesR2\<MyService>.dll LOG: Appbase = file://<HeadNode>/ServicesR2 LOG: Initial PrivatePath = \\<HeadNode>\ServicesR2 LOG: Dynamic Base = NULL LOG: Cache Base = NULL LOG: AppName = NULL Calling assembly : (Unknown). === LOG: This bind starts in LoadFrom load context. WRN: Native image will not be probed in LoadFrom context. Native image will only be probed in default load context, like with Assembly.Load(). LOG: Using application configuration file: \\<HeadNode>\HpcServiceRegistration\<MyService>.config LOG: Using machine configuration file from C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\config\machine.config. LOG: Attempting download of new URL file://<HeadNode>/ServicesR2/<MyService>.dll. LOG: Assembly download was successful. Attempting setup of file: \\<HeadNode>\ServicesR2\<MyService>.dll LOG: Entering run-from-source setup phase. ERR: Error extracting manifest import from file (hr = 0x8013101b). ERR: Failed to complete setup of assembly (hr = 0x8013101b). Probing terminated.
    Friday, October 19, 2012 4:16 PM