Is anyone else getting fed up with Microsoft Exams RRS feed

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  • I have spent a lot of my own personal time and money on achieving MS exams only to see them get retired!!

    Sometimes in less than 2 years!!! 

    This means that I have to take the transition exams and spend another minimum $99 and hours of my own time. 

    In reality employers don't really care about these exams, providing that you can do the job. 

    So I'm going to stop doing them unless my employer stipulates that I have to have them for the job that I am in. 

    MS are making a mockery out of all these renamed exams and timelines to earn them. 

    You don't get any of this in professional jobs. 

    Pilots, Lawyers, Accountants, and real Architects don't have to keep on re-doing their exams all the time.   


    Monday, June 10, 2019 8:24 AM