Coordinating versions between 2 custom metadata sources RRS feed

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    I have 2 custom metadata stores, A and B, which are different from each other (one is stored locally on a PC as an XML file and the other is on a server in a MySQL database).  Each is controlled by its own standard custom provider.  Each has their own tickCount.   Syncing between the two works but I'm surprised by how the version gets updated on the destination replica.

    If I change a version locally in Replica A, the Version goes to [0,X]... where 0 is always the local replica ID and X is the next largest TickCount for A. 

    When I upload from A to B, the ItemChange created indicates that the UpdateVersion is [0,X].  However, when it reaches SaveItemChange(), the ItemChange Version has changed to [0,Y].. where 0 is now the local replica ID of B and Y is the next largest TickCount for B.  Why does it change the Version?  I would think it would change the Replica ID to whatever ReplicaKey it considers A to be but leave the TickCount at X. 

    The synch works but next time I download from B to A, it looks like the record has been updated in B and triggers an Update in A.   

    Why would the framework reassign the Version?

    Monday, July 16, 2012 4:12 PM