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  • Hi,

    I'm very new to OCS and after my 1st installation, I've got everything working concerning Presence, IM, Outlook.

    Also, Now I would like to know how I could phone from one client to another on the local network.

    With Standard Edition can I simply deploy a softphone and dial sip:user@domain ?

    Also, after trying the softphones, I'd like to test each client with a SIP Phone (Cisco), what do I need to manage this configuration ?

    I saw that I would maybe have to install Mediation Server but when I try to install it, it says that it cannot coexist with OCS Standard Edition

    If someone could help me, I would be very grateful Smile
    Friday, May 25, 2007 1:58 PM


  • We were going to try the same thing on our network for testing but unfortunately it isn't possible.


    SIP-compliant softphones or hardphones can not register with the OCS server.  There are only a handful of phone models with the special support built-in to connect to LCS/OCS, though more are expected to be released later this summer or in the fall (see microsoft.com/uc).  For softphones, you can use the Communicator client to make voice calls to each other.  Purchase a few USB handsets to make testing a bit easier (I can't recommend any particular models at this point).  I believe there was one other softphone product that can support OCS, but you might as well just use Communicator in that case.


    A mediation server is necessary if you're connecting to a media gateway (such as to connect to a PBX or the phone network), and yes it needs to be a dedicated server for the sole purpose of translating calls.  However, if you're only testing internal calling from Communicator to Communicator, you won't need one.


    If you are really interested in using SIP-compliant phones instead of the Microsoft-sanctioned models, you could purchase a simple SIP PBX, like the ones offered by D-Link or Linksys and connect it to your OCS environment via a mediation server.  You would then be able to use the remote call control features of the Communicator software to control the phones that registered with the SIP PBX.  Make sure you do your reading on SIP Routing to make sure this works right, it seems fairly advanced.

    Friday, May 25, 2007 4:01 PM