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  • I'm trying to set up a CRM 2011 system with ADFS & IFD for our QA environment for a new CRM-based solution and I'm getting completely wrapped up with which URLs to put in which boxes. The live system will only ever be externally visible, and never have internal users - this has caused some extra confusion since its on the internal network but needs to represent external access only. I've built a Hyper-V host which doubles as the QA domain DC ("ptl-test-host.co.uk") and built a SQL and CRM server on there, named THE-SQL and THE-CRM respectively. ADFS is on the same box as CRM. ADFS went onto the Default Web Site, which already had the port reconfigured as 444, allowing CRM to take 443. ADFS is set up as per the MS guide (rules for UPN pass through, etc)

    In Deployment Manager, the basic four URLs are all set to "the-crm.ptl-test-host.co.uk". My only Organization is called "PlatformTestEnvironment".

    In the IFD config, the Web App Server Domain and the Organization Web Service Domain is "ptl-test-host.co.uk", whereas the the Discover Domain is "discover.ptl-test-host.co.uk", and I accepted the default option of "auth.ptl-test-host.co.uk" for the external domain.

    My test client, which whilst living on the same LAN, is on a different domain. It has a single hosts file entry for "platformtestenvironment.ptl-test-host.co.uk". This redirects to "the-crm.ptl-test-host.co.uk" which doesn't resolve. Using "platformtestenvironment.ptl-test-host.co.uk" on the box itself works fine.

    Am I barmy for thinking that IFD would use a different URL for the IFD side of ADFS?

    Have I got these URLs completely wrong? Should I be using the FQDN of the CRM box internally?

    I'm using a hosts file on the CRM box to resolve everything internally, since it's all on one box. Would using the ptl-test-host domain internal DNS make a difference?

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011 11:30 AM