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  • I'm troubleshooting my Vista with MS tech.  I've forgotten a lot of DOS syntax commands. 

    Below is what the tech wants me to do: Boot from the Vista CD. Choose Repar. Choose VISTA. Choose open command prompt. I've booted to the CD and the rest and am at the command prompt where it now reads something like X/>

    Word for word what the MS tech wants me to do there:

    "Please compose the XCOPY commands to copy the personal data to a safe place according to the directory info collected. We mainly need to check "users", "Windows.old", "Documents and Settings", "\$INPLACE.~TR\Machine\DATA\Documents and Settings\" and "\$WINDOWS.~Q\DATA\Documents and Settings". Some folders may not exist".  Press Enter after each command.

    "Please let me know the result at your earliest convenience."

    I take it he wants me to gather info and save it to a temp file in C: (temp1 I made). 

    What would the correct syntax be (there where the cursor is blinking)?  Include necessary spaces please.
    Friday, July 13, 2007 7:59 PM