How can I veiw all forums of which I am a member, all questions and all answers to questions I have asked over a period of time? RRS feed

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  • Over the past two years, I occassionally navigated to a forum and asked a question. I don't know how I got to the forum. I don't know whether it was the right forum for the question I had in mind. I just know I needed an answer. I still haven't found the page that has the instructions that tell you how to find the forums you've subscribed to, or how to view the answers to the questions, other than by clicking on a link in email. Is there a way to view an answer without leaving your email open? The last time I got sucked into clicking on one of those links, I got redirected to a Web page that looked more like a forum for international students from China and Russia who got put on the terrorist watchlist by mistake. But I never did get an answer to my printer driver question. I want to view all forums I joined. I want to view all questions I have asked. I want to see all answers in response to my questions. Clicking on the My threads list, or My Forums list, does not produce the results I'm looking for. As for the printer driver question, that got moved to the forum with mugshots of international students from Russia and China. I just don't know if that is the hardware and driver forum. Is there a hardware and driver forum? 

    N. Giselle Naylor

    Sunday, July 8, 2012 10:43 AM