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  • It is almost impossible to block an email, so that it will not be received again in Outlook mail.  In the Options section of Outlook mail, there is a blocked senders section.  You can only block the [entire email address] or the [domain] after @.  You cannot block the sender [by name], or the [sender information before @].  Spam senders change their email address every time an email is sent.  Blocking the [entire email address] or the [domain] does [not block the sender].  The sender will change the email address or domain and send  the email again.                                                                                   

    Also, in Outlook, blocking is a very loose term, because the email is not really blocked.  It is just moved to the Delete folder.  Moving is not blocking, because [the sender] is not prevented from sending a spam message [again] to the email receiver. The sender just changes [all of  the email address], or [part of the address], like the domain.  This happens to me.  When I put an email address or domain in Blocked senders, it always shows up in my delete folder the next time. It hasn't been blocked; just moved.

    There has to be a way to slow down a sender from sending future spam emails, that have been changed, in Outlook mail.It isn't happening now.  The [sender's name], or the the [sender's information before @], the [entire email address], or the [domain] has to be totally blocked, and not just moved to the Delete folder.  This has to be done in the Blocked sender section.

    The best way to slow down spam emails is to send the email back to the sender, automatically, when it is received. Any email address, domain or sender, in the Blocked senders list would be sent back to the sender.  That way the sender will not know if the address is a legitimate address.

    Therefore, the Blocked sender section needs to be changed to include blocking a sender by name, or the sender's information before @, and automatically send any blocked sender, in the blocked senders list, back to the sender.  Also, the information should be really blocked and not just moved to the Delete folder.  If you don't send the email back to the sender, the sender will think the email address is legitimate, and keep sending spam emails.  That is what happens when the blocked email , from the Blocked senders section, is put in the Delete folder.

    Friday, April 17, 2015 5:41 AM


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