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    I have been tasked with creating a dev environment for CRM 2013 development. The problem we face now is that we have one dev server and when someone is debugging a plugin (which happens quite a lot) it basically prevents anyone else from using the server.

    I know that you can install CRM on multiple servers with multiple front-ends all connecting to a single database. Will such an installation be feasible for my needs, ie. if I create multiple virtual machines with only front-ends installed will it be possible to use those VM to install plugins and debug them?

    Alternatly would it be possible to set up CRM to use multiple ports for a single organization, spawning multiple w3wp processes, so a single dev won't block the entire server?

    I know I could give each dev an independent CRM install on a single VM to play with and then get all the finished stuff onto a single server after it has been tested, but we have some complicated test cases and we'd rather avoid having devs fill multiple large forms on their VMs when our test stuff has already done that.

    Or maby there is a better way?

    Grzegorz Zych

    Tuesday, January 7, 2014 4:01 PM


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