Excel changing numbers to dates ruined days of my work RRS feed

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  • Why is this part of this program? I have a lot of diagnostic data that I have to work with most often in .csv format. I generally use it in notepad, but now I had to open them in excel. Immediately part of the numbers got turned into dates. That's not even the worst part though. Once the numbers get turned into dates there is no way to get back your original numbers. Even if you turn it into text or normal form, they become some weird huge numbers. I just realized that resaving my csv files after opening them in excel left behind a bunch of dates hidden among 100.000-s of data points that are now completely lost and the original numbers can't be recovered. Two to three days of my work are now lost because I have to reextract the data from the previous step. Very nice Microsoft. Thanks for randomly changing my data... Could this obvoiusly counter-productive auto-date function be finally removed from the program? I don't know who the hell would ever use this functionality...
    Tuesday, September 5, 2017 3:09 PM