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    HFC Bank Limited
    North Street
    Berkshire SL4 4TD
    United Kingdom

    Tel: (+44) 70111 82835
    Fax: (+44) 870 974 9257
    24-hour Telephone Banking 70111 82835
    (For Emergencies)
    Attn: James xxxxxxxxxx,

    You are welcome to HFC Bank, England.
    Upon final verification of the details and documents received from the Microsoft lottery Board, The Executive Council of HFC Bank VIA deposit code HFCB/SDC/40/481D/UK.  Consequently, this office has been mandated and singularly empowered by The lottery Board to conduct validation and effect the disbursement of your funds to your nominated receivers account.
    Furthermore, The Executives Council of HFC Bank wishes to inform you as the beneficiary from the lottery board, that your funds are available for remittance to you via Telegraphic Swift Wire Transfer from the accounts of the lottery board to your designated bank account upon meeting with the Financial Services Authority transfer requirement. The Financial Services Authority is the independent regulator set up by Government to look after the financial services industry and protect consumers.
    We believe it is important to make clear to our customers how information is being used at HFC Bank, the benefits such use provides, and the protections put in place against unauthorized access and use. We respect your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal information, and we appreciate the opportunity to do business with you.
    To commence with the process of releasing your lottery funds to you, we require you to send to this office the following under listed documents and details for sighting  and to confirm that you are the rightful beneficiary of the funds.
    A Clear Copy of a Valid Identification
    Full Contact Details, Such as
    Full Names:
    Current Address:
    Tel. & Fax No:

    Note: The above requested documents should be faxed to us immediately to the above numbers or sent via email attachment.
    Yours Faithfully,
    Mr. Van Moore
    Cheif Account Officer
    Tel:  (+44)  70111 82835
    Fax: (+44) 870 974 9257
    **HFC Bank is incorporated in England with limited liability by Santander Group 1853, Reference number ZC 18**.
    The Principal Office of the Company is situated in England at North Street, Berkshire, SL4 4TD, United Kingdom.
    Copyright © 2009 HFC Bank is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority under FSA register number 3395739 VAT number: GB 244106593.
    © 2009 HFC Bank.
    A Division of Santander Group of Company. All Rights Reserved
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    Tuesday, April 27, 2010 6:31 PM


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