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  • <sigh> This is getting tedious - every month new problems
    with the forums.

    In the Visual C++ forum I just went browsing from the
    start and couldn't see a thread I had replied to about
    7 hrs earlier. It wasn't on page 1. It wasn't on page 2.
    etc. It still exists as I can get to it via My Threads or
    My Activity.

    Then I noticed that there's a large time gap between the
    last post in the last thread on Page 1 and the last post
    in the first thread on Page 2 - about 5 hours. The thread
    with my reply is in the time frame of that gap - there are
    clearly threads missing between Page 1 and Page 2.

    It gets worse - as new threads or threads with new posts
    appeared at the start of Page 1, bumping the last thread(s)
    off that page, Page 2 remained unchanged. It still started
    with the same thread, and the thread(s) that *were* at the
    bottom of Page 1 disappeared.

    Now the thread I was looking for has just appeared at the
    top of Page 2, but some threads that *were* at the bottom of
    Page 1 are not on Page 2 (yet). There's still a time gap of
    at least 3 hrs between the message at the bottom of Page 1
    and the top of Page 2. (Using the "Last Reply" time stamp.)

    - Wayne

    Tuesday, February 12, 2013 10:23 AM


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