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    I am a graphic artist.. am saving JPEGs in folders (sometimes hundreds in each folder) in My Pictures and have the need to identify each folder separately (ie: put a picture on the front so as easily identified).  This is an EXTREMELY necessary tool to accomplish my work.


    Frustrating me is the fact that my computer (Windows XP2 Home Edition) will not 'hold' those files on the front of my folders(ie: View - Customize This Folder- Choose Picture - and I choose the one I NEED to be on the front) .  When this picture reverts back to default on it's own as it seems to always want to do.. I have to go back ad RE-DO THE ENTIRE COLLECTION (oh man.. what a frustrating and maddening thing that certainly is.. and let me tell you I have redone my collection more than once a month).   I have hundreds and hundreds to re-do.


    I have increased my capacity of folder memory to 8000.. as per instructions on a web based computer geek info page.. and still the pictures seem to change on me if I modify anything within the file.  It seems to be rather touchy as I can modify jpegs for weeks without a problem and then wham! something I have done changes and reverts the ENTIRE collection back to default.  Also.. as they revert back to default, the folders within the folders also revert back to default.. creating tremendous chaos.


    I have an external drive which I keep a backup of my JPEGs on.. and the problem happens there too..  (?).. odd thing is sometimes when it happens there I haven't even changed anything.. just backed up.  Sometimes I have to work directly off this external G drive and need the pictures there to be just as easily identified.  It is a crucial step in my process of being able to identify past artwork.. etc.  Of course the external drive nicely takes the folders as they come off my computer.. but within the dilemma of defaulting back to orig.. etc.. the poor G drive gets rather confused as to what format it should receive.  Sometimes it works perfectly but within default chaos, the errors are sometimes passed along.


    The whole thing is rather important to me.   I would appreciate any feedback and of course would love a patch or a fix to this problem.


    Please consider a graphic artist's dilemma.. and the abundance of graphic art one must keep and identify and please restructure the FOLDER OPTIONS to perhaps LOCK (?)..  Would be a good idea.


    I need that option of the picture on the front of the folder (ie: View- Customize -Choose Picture) to LOCK in.. and the ability to change it at any time if I so wish (ie: an unlock feature.. change.. then lock again).


    Within that suggestion there is also the fact that..  I need to have that external drive to back up my art work so as not to lose it in a crash.  Whatever patch or application must have the ability to also apply to any external drive use.  The back up is vital.


    Hope you will come up with something for me and one day when I go to Windows Update I will find an update for My Pictures folders to "lock" in the JPEG on the folder front.  It would be an artist's dream come true.



    Thanks for your time.  Hope my suggestion is put to use.



    Frustrated Graphic Person who is always on the computer working.. but wayyy to often trying to fix things that go wonky instead of working on what they should be working on..  

    Monday, September 22, 2008 9:53 PM

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  • JaiT, thanks for taking the time to write and post this.  I assure you that it will be read by someone on the Windows Mobile Team.  When the forums were established they wanted an area that they look at to get the thoughts and ideas of users.

    Tuesday, September 23, 2008 12:21 AM