WHS2011 Music & Pictures Not Updating on Client WMC RRS feed

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  • I have a WHS2011 server that has clients setup on 3 different Win7 clients w connector software. I have user accounts for each, and enable read/write access for all clients as well.

    I use WMC on my workstation for testing and WMC on my HTPC with a XBOX360 as an extender which is the media center solution in my home. It worked great under WHSv1 for a long time. Now I have upgraded to WHS2011 and Music and Pictures are not being updated on the HTPC (BUT the XBOX360 in WMC is getting updated!)

    My problem:

    WMP12 finds and updates music fine  - immediately when new music is added to the server Music share on my Workstation PC and XBOX360 extender client (on my HTPC). BUT, my HTPC client will NOT update Music in WMP12 - thus no updates in WMC. The Pictures Library is not being seen by WMC when I select Pictures in WMC - I get "no folder added - go to settings/media library/ add pictures. Well I had this all set up in WHSv1 and it worked fine. NOW, only my HTPC client can not load pictures. XBOX360 (extender client on my HTPC) does get updated. How can this be. Both these users (HTPC & XBOX360 extender) are on the same system?

    I have used this method for fixing a broken WMP library:


    And, it has always worked great for cleaning up WMP12 library. BUT when I did try this fix, the WMP12 Music library would NOT update at all from the server.

    So, I had to revert back to a system image I had before installing WHS2011 client on my HTPC and start the WHS2011 install on it again. But, still my HTPC will not update Music in WMP12 (or WMC) and will not find ||SERVER|Pictures in WMC. And yes, these folders are in the default library locations. ||SERVER|Muisc and SERVER|Pictures.

    I'm thinking this is a WHS2011 sharing bug, or something is broken on my WHS2011 permissions. Again, I do have read/write set for all my clients.

    WHY won't the XBOX360 extender user get updated and NOT the HTPC user (they are two users on the same computer?) I do not have a user setup for the XBOX360 user in WHS2011 and don't think I need to, since it gets it's media from the HTPC.


    Tuesday, May 17, 2011 2:46 PM

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  • I am having the same problem.  The WHS 2011 WMP client will map to the media files (via manage library), and all the music is indexed, but this library is not shared over the network.  It also creates two other libraries - Home Server and Administrator - but they are not mappable.  I can see the Home Server and Administrator Libraries on other computers in the network, but no music is in the library.


    Monday, May 30, 2011 11:57 PM