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    I'm a bit confused on how i should have things setup here.. we have a certificate which we use for OWA on a different server from godaddy.com ( a basic one, not the wildcard one).. I have this configured in OWA..


    Now with OCS.. I have only an internal server certificate configured for the OCS server itself in OCS.. not this wan1.domain.com one  (using serverB.domain.local instead)..


    When we login locally to MOC clients (2007).. we get the error about "Cannot synchronize with the corporate address book"  and also the "Communicator is not compatible with your existing version of microsoft outlook" and do you want to download the hotfix for Outlook 2007 (even on machines with outlook 2003)..


    I looked at the MS support article regarding the address book issue, but it wasnt much help.. So i'm wondering if, in order for the address book to communicate, if it needs our external wan1.domain.com SSL cert from go daddy), but if we do this, and choose to use TLS internally, the name on the SSL cert wont be the same as the internal server, so i'm not sure what to do here.


    We also have another issue where IM's that are first sent are blank and people cant add a 3rd person to a regular text based IM chat..


    **right now i am forcing via GPO the advanced settings of MOC, server tab.. to have the ip address of the server and TCP, not TLS..  I'm guessing internally its fine to use TCP, but what about offsite to onsite?  (I also cant get the autoconfiguration option to recognize either tcp or tls.. despite having both srv records in our local dns server's settings, we also cant seem to add external srv records via network solutions dns manager to even allow tls offsite).


    All users are running 2007 and upgraded etc.


    Thanks in advance.

    Tuesday, October 23, 2007 2:00 PM

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  • Cert issue - we created an internal cert and pushed it out through GPO.  Of course, we are only using IM internally...


    Compatibility error - Office/Outlook 2003 and Communicator 2007 work fine together, some feature seem to be missing.  We get the compatibility error when we upgrade someone to Office/Outlook 2007.  First time starting OC2007 after upgrade produces the error.  Haven't had a chance to snapshot the before and after of the system but I suspect DLL or registry setting issues.


    Wednesday, May 7, 2008 2:56 PM