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  • Good morning all! I am at a client's house trying to fix an error that has really gotten me stumped. The machine is a Dimension 8400 running Windows XP PRO SP2. It was running fine, until the other day when the user turned on the PC and recieved an error on Blue screen of death "BAD_POOL_CALLER" I tried going into the BIOS and disabled the USB and NIC card, removed any xternal devices attached, even swapped out the RAM. Nothing helped. I tried doing a FIXBOOT and MBR in the Recovery Console. When I tried using the DELL restore CD to Reapir the installation files, I get the same error in a blue screen when it gets to 30 minutes remaining. Nothing is working. Right now, I am in the Recovery console again attempting a CHKDSK /R to see if there might be a bad sector to be fixed, it is been running at a very slow speed at 63% remaining. The user claims he has not installed any new hardware or software in the past week, however, right before he shut down the night before, he said he saw a message that a Microsoft update just finished. That is the only thing that might have caused this error. Please help, this tech is allmost out of ideas until I have to put a new drive in and reinstall everything and make the old Drive a slave.
    PS I put the old drive into another machine as a slave and I confirmed that all the files are still there. Please advise.
    When ruuning a CHKDSK /r, It will get to 75% and then right away goes back to 50%.
    Sunday, July 8, 2007 3:32 PM