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  • I have an application which works on mobile devices.This application takes some photos and transfers it as a byte array to the middleware.This middleware is a .Net web API.Using this API, the byte array will be stored in the middleware DB.There is one more DB available for further processing, say it as backend DB.We will sync the middleware DB with the backend DB.And at the end of the process, this byte array which is synced from middleware DB will convert into an image and stored in a file location which is on the backend server.The middleware DB and backend DB are on different servers.The amount of photos which we transfer this way is very large.So, this current implementation making some issues with our application.Hence we decided to change the implementation.There are two approaches we have in the discussion.

     1. We can send the image as a byte array from the application as usual.At the middleware, we will convert it into an image instead of converting it using the backend service and store it in the shared location on the backend server.We will store the path in the database instead of the photo content.Using the path the backend can access the images.
     2. Since, first method needs again a call to backend service.It may cause performance issues.So we will set up two folders one is on the middleware server and other is on the backend server.Middleware service will convert a byte array into an image and store it in the middleware folder.These folders are synced using Microsoft Sync framework.So at the end of sync, these files will be available on the backend server.

    Please suggest which method is better and if any other solutions available, please suggest.
    Tuesday, January 30, 2018 8:09 AM