Why is there no Favicon for the the expression forums? RRS feed

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  • Greetings Microsofties

    Whilst perusing the expression forums, i noticed that there was no real favicon only the default one, and this varies between the browsers

    On the expression homepage there is a pretty little yellow icon with an S on it in the address bar, but as soon as you go to the forums this disappears to be replaced by the default one, which for Safari is a globe, Opera is a page etc, and IE its a page with the blue e on it.

    I know its a small thing but it would make the site easier to use for people like me who have 20-30 tabs open and navigate the tabs by the favicon.

    Now i don't expect millions of dollars, medals, champagne and consumer electronics to be thrown my way for this suggestion (although that would be nice and i wouldn't say no), I would quite happily settle for

    Office 2010

    Windows seven

    My mortgage paid off

    A new Car (Probably not a Toyota at this point, or if i did get one should i take it as a threat?)

    An XBox

    you can stop reading anytime you want, this is what being bored and unemployed does to you

    a new fridge or freezer or both

    A microsoft tshirt

    A copy of the expression studio

    A copy of the next version of Expression studio


    Ok I'll go away now



    Wednesday, March 17, 2010 2:00 AM