MapDestAddressToNatInternalAddress Error RRS feed

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  • We are troubleshooting through an issue with dropped calls.

    On the client side the only problem I am seeing is the following.


    07/16/2008|13:52:13.078 1134:1138 ERROR :: SIP_STACK::MapDestAddressToNatInternalAddress m_pDirectPlayNATHelp is NULL.  Setting *pIsDestExternalToNat to FALSE

    It may be nothing but can someone explain what the means.


    (We are experiencing approximately 2 to 3% dropped call rate. Random pattern of dropped calls _ ie calls can last several hours while others are dropped after 5 minutes. Out of 20 active calls one only will be dropped and typically the user can dial straight back in.

    We are using the following in a pilot so lots of "moving parts"

    OCS Mediation <=> Firewall using SIP fixup <=> Cisco Cube <=> Firewall using H323 fixup <=> CCM 4.13)





    Thursday, July 17, 2008 12:39 PM