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  • Had One Care 1.0 working and bought 2.0 as an update.  As directed dutifully uninstalled 1.0 then ran one care cleanup rebooted and installation runs but never completes correctly and never does the same thing twice.  I've done all the normal things in the help including diagnostic startup, selective startup, uninstall, reinstall, running the fix program and here at 1AM it hit me.  Why bother, I have Kapersky IS upstairs with two remaining installs so I will have some kind of protection.  It really shouldn't be this hard, MS codes windows and can't seem to make programs that work well with windows, as even with 1.0 I had to multiple times rebuilt the dependencies after windows updates.  I was willing to accept a lower level of protection in exchange for ease of use and I got neither.


    Sorry this is so negative but I'm sure thousands of others feel this way.




    Friday, January 4, 2008 9:19 AM

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  • I'm sorry to read of your problems, but your description doesn't include any clues as to what is failing with the installation. Each time it fails, I would expect an error message to appear, even if it is not the same message each time.

    If you have truly given up, I'm sorry to read that. However, if you wish to try to make this work, please post back with some details about your system - OS, memory, etc., and what happens when you are trying to install 2.0.

    You also stated that you have 1.0 and have purchased 2.0. I'm not sure why you would have been running 1.0 unless there was a problem, as you should have been updated to 1.6 *and* would be updated to 2.0 automatically if your subscription is active once upgrades resume again. The only reason to have a new retail box copy would be to use the key for a renewal or for another subscription.

    And, yes, I am positive that there are others who are frustrated with OneCare, but there are actually many more people who are pleased with OneCare.


    Friday, January 4, 2008 5:34 PM
  • Steve,


    I can't replicate any one error, latest after uninstalling, running the cleanup utility, then running the fix utility, then reinstalling with a reboot between each one is it cannot connect to the internet and gave an error code.  This despite the fact that I could browse the web to uncached sites without a problem.  I also used the selective startup to disable what I felt was the conflicting program (Network Magic) and install hangs.  This is on a Compaq laptop with Sempron 3000 and 1.5 gb ram, xp sp2, and about 30 gb free hdd space.  Maybe after a couple of days I'll try again but the seven hours I spent last night left me short of time, I did install Kaspersky IS in seven minutes so I am protected.  I was updated to 1.6xx but didn't realize the subscription would have updated to 2.0 at some time; when it didn't I just bought 2.0 at costco and tried to do it myself.  Questions:


    Is Network Magic a known conflicting program?


    Also, have anonimizer installed but it doesn't run unless I start it manually, use it at hotspot only?


    If I uninstall these and Kaspersky will it install?  Will I be able to reinstall Network Magic as I have quite an extensive home lan sharing media and files?


    Appreciate your calm head.



    Friday, January 4, 2008 11:20 PM
  • Hi, Neil.

    Thanks for the response. Once again, I'm sorry about the spate of issues you've encountered.


    I am not familiar with Network Magic, however, I can tell you that I just read one other post this evening from someone who had a problem with the 1.6 to 2.0 update on one PC where OneCare will not automatically start and neither will Network Magic. However, both can be started manually. it sounds like a potential conflict, though it should not be. I had not heard of any other reports of problems with Network Magic.

    I doubt that the anonimizer would be an issue, especially if it needs to be manually started.


    I try to remain calm, but I've been known to go a little nutty when troubleshooting perplexing problems on my own PCs!


    I can't promise you that it will install properly, considering you had a number of failures of varying reasons. Your latest one about could not connect does lead me to suspect that there's something blocking a clean connection outbound, perhaps Network Magic does something to the TCP/IP stack that OneCare doesn't like.




    Saturday, January 5, 2008 4:01 AM