Preliminary Success in Forced Move to SyncToy RRS feed

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  • Sometimes it's nice to hear when things go reasonably well - in this case with SyncToy v. 2.0.  For some years I've run a "home-built" Network Attached Storage (NAS) device running Adaptec RAID1 hardware, Seagate SATA drives and software written in the Windows command language and the Euphoria version for Windows.  An automatic Windows update to XP Pro SP3 crashed the old NAS system due to serious errors in the calculation of needed, new space.  At the same time, the CD ROM drive failed.  (The machine was built in the late 1990's.)  I decided that it was time to move to a new NAS device.  I moved the hardware to another machine, and without the loss of a single file.  SyncToy 2.0 was installed on the new machine.  Fortunately, my old system used folder pairs with a significant number of subfolders beneath each folder.  The only significant use of my time was keying in the information into SyncToy for all the folder pairs.  As of today, all the folder pairs in daily use are being backed up by SyncToy.

    Here are some suggestions for further versions of SyncToy:  I would love to be able to build, edit and delete folder pairs independently of SyncToy, and to submit arbitrary groups of these pairs to SyncToy for preview and run operations.  I already use Powershell for such tasks, and there is interesting code submitted by other Powershell users on the Internet for this type of work.  A minor complaint - the SyncToy window (which I am required to use to enter the left and right hand folders) can't be resized, and the paths I use are much longer than the space provided.
    Thursday, April 30, 2009 5:18 PM