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  • I have repeatedly had Onenote sections (which are individual .ONE files) behave strangely. Apparently they are recreated when I move them from within OneNote, between section groups and between notebooks. Less frequently, I have also had sections deleted after moving them at their new location, while working on them or when I come back. A second synced computer under a different account has not been online since I noticed these problems. I use OneNote a lot, often re-organising notes and text for a disseration project.

    My suspicion is that OneNote handles directory actions in a way that makes it difficult for LiveMesh to keep track.

    On one occasion, I did manage to restore a missing file from the desktop, from its new location a few minutes after its move, and after it had been deleted from my synced computer while i was working on it. I'll repeat that: I moved a section file within OneNote, it was then synced to the desktop from its new folder location, but a few minutes later it was deleted from the computer only - while I was working on it, and it did not reappear in the original folder on the computer. (I believe OneNote does not lock the file for editing, since it is designed for sharing notebooks).

    Update: I have located the missing sections. They were deleted from the LiveMesh holding area and moved to the recycle bin, according to the deleted file's properties. Rather than attempting to restore them, I have copied the latest version to a non-mesh folder so I can keep working.

    I'll try to be attentive next time, note cicumstances and track down the log file to compare and forward to you. Any other advice? (Apart from maintaining good backups?)
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    Saturday, October 18, 2008 6:47 AM


  •  Thanks for the really outstanding investigation work on this Rendt!  I'll make sure we look into this right away.


    Sunday, October 19, 2008 6:40 PM

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  • Actually that's some really nice work there.  Next time you see the OneNote files start to corrupt, if you could send your Live Mesh Log's to LMPrev@microsoft.com along with a description of the actions you were doing in OneNote at the time that would be outstanding.

    In the meantime I'm going to see if this is already a logged issue or not and find out if there is a workaround or fix.


    Saturday, October 18, 2008 5:10 PM
  • - Files are replaced with older versions. -

    The plot thickens. This is not a OneNote problem and not simply related to the file movement I described. Since reporting above issue I have found another problem that fits the same pattern. You asked for detail so forgive me the long story.

    The problem:
    After reporting in the forum the series of problems with OneNote files which kept being deleted with older versions restored in their original locations, I now noticed that a Word file I was working on has also been replaced with an earlier version. I have been opening and saving it daily in the same location. Something similar had happened before, the day before, although I had first blamed it just on operator absentmindedness.

    I have been able to relocate the newer, deleted version (and the 30 pages I had added in the interim!) in the recycle bin. It had been recorded as deleted from the Live Mesh holding area, roughly at the last time I stopped Live Mesh from the tray. But possibly I may have selected Update Livemesh at the same time, it was 2AM :-).

    There is no related entry in the News log when I examine it on the online desktop.  I am submitting the log files separately.

    Here's a possible reason:
    I have two logons for LiveMesh, for two computers respectively. However, I have used the logon from computer A on computer B to access Microsoft online (eg this forum, but not the Livemesh desktop), while the Mesh is syncing using the user A account.
    I have been using LiveMesh actively for a several weeks with an very large number of files, although probably mostly avoiding this situation.
    I do occasionally get 'Livemesh stopped' messages which seems to be followed by an automatic restart and no other interruption, although for all I now it may log on with a different user account. Perhaps the log records that.

    The LiveMesh activity log ('News', accessed from desktop) shows both users as active even though the other computer has not been online for weeks. Below selected entries from the record while I was experimenting to replicate the error I believed was related to Onenote, by creating and moving a file:
    At 8:29 I restored a file deleted by LiveMesh from the bin, and added another (from within OneNote) - test.
    A few minutes later I moved the file (from within Onenote) to another notebook, which would move it to another folder.
    I cannot remember wether I did anything else, eg log on to Microsoft online service in the four minutes between these two entries, although i do not believe so.

    rendt@gorter.gen.nz added file test.one 8:33 PM

    rendt.gorter@gmail.com added files SD.one test.one 8:29 PM

    I'll submit the same report with the log file.


    I will copy this message as report together with my logs.

     where a file was replaced.
    Sunday, October 19, 2008 1:25 PM
  •  Thanks for the really outstanding investigation work on this Rendt!  I'll make sure we look into this right away.


    Sunday, October 19, 2008 6:40 PM