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  • Exactly, I agree with most of your features, and I have to agree with you that WHS should have all your my documents files stored on it, letting you access them from away when the computer is off, or bring them with you to other computers, yet still not share them with everyone, or have to worry about syncing.

    Another great feature would be to include ORB like media streaming (I know it won't happen anytime soon), where you can watch videos and listen to music stored on your server remotely, and having DVR features would also be a plus. But then that is really becoming a different product... so in 3 years you can release Windows Home Media Server!

    But personally my idea of the ultimate home server is a machine that holds all of my media, lets me access it from anywhere, procures more media for me (PVR), and also will back up my computers, and sync my files so that I always have whatever document I need. Now programs like that do exist for standalone PC's, but I want something that fits into one package, and that integrates well. So for me when WHS comes out I will probably just install ORB on it and be satisfied, but I wouldn't mind if all that functionality could be integrated into the OS.
    Wednesday, June 20, 2007 12:03 AM