DFS....Client dont receive proper File server according to the site RRS feed

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  • Hello all

    i have a several problems with DFS.

    I have 6 sites, each with 1 DC and 1 FileServers (all w2008)

    Clients in 5 of them...and shared networks replicated in all of them via DFSR

    problem 1: clients obtain very random the DFS server, and as they are not admins, they cannot change the DFS server in DFS tab.

    i can "exclude targets outside client's site" but when people are in VPN, they dont have access to any server. 

    And "override referral ordering" have no sense in my case

    (maybe adding the VPN range in DC -->sites and services-->and adding all the sites to this subnet....?¿?¿)

    problem 2: i have some script monit tool to see replication between servers, but many times i see the folders with 0 files to replicate (in theory means all is fine) but the reality is not as good. So i wonder how to deal or proceed with the files inside DfsrPrivate folder to fix this problems.


    Wednesday, November 25, 2020 9:39 AM