How to get the Phoneme/Viseme information in audio file for lipsync? RRS feed

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  • hi,all
    I want to do the lipsync for my cg animation. I think I have to get the time of each Phoneme/Viseme
    in the audio file. My questions are:

    1.How to get the time of Phoneme/Viseme in audio file (e.g.wav/ogg/...)?

    2.Can i get the Phoneme/Viseme in Ogg(or other format) file if any?

    3.I know Microsoft Agent 2.0 Tool:Linguistic Information Sound Editing Tool can generate *.lwv file
    from *.wav,  and *.lwv contains the information of Phoneme/Viseme.
    But, it seems that the fomat of lwv file is not open. So, Is there any way to get
    the time of Phoneme/Viseme in lwv file?

    4.Or, Is there any free software available which can generate the Phoneme/Viseme information
    from audio file?

    Sorry for my poor english. And Thank you in advance.
    Tuesday, September 1, 2009 11:22 AM