Emails not sent/received from Access 2013 Macro action RRS feed

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  • See my question below - I'd appreciate it if you could point me to the correct forum to get some support.  I've looked at the available forums, but none of them seem quite right for the question.  Please note that I originally posted the question on the MS Office 365 Community site and it was suggested there that I also post on Technet.

    I'm developing an Access 2013 Web App and I'm trying to use the macro action sendmail  from within a table after update macro.  I used a similar macro action within a 2010 database without any issues and the parameters for the 2013 appear to be similar.   However although the overall macro process executes successfully (I can see this through macro trace) and the sendmail action appears to execute, I'm not receiving any emails in the expected mailbox.

    I understand that within Access 2013 the sendmail action is limited as it only send emails within the Office 365 Tenant organisation.  However for the development/testing that I'm currently undertaking, I'm sending it to my email address within our organisation so can't see why I'm not receiving anything.  I've tried both the tenant based email address and my organisation preferred address - with no luck from either.  In a different forum I asked whether there was any site configuration required to enable the email handling and a respondee from there who pointed out the Tenant restriction replied that there was no other configuration required.  However at this stage I can't think of anything else, but cannot see what might be required.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Tuesday, November 17, 2015 4:23 PM