issues for the merging of two organizations RRS feed

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  • Here are the first things that occur to me.  Does anyone want to contribute?


    Users came on to the systems independently.  Hence, all user lookup attributes will have to run through a cross reference during the importation process.

    Create a cross referencing table of user GUIDs.  Of course make sure all source users are in the target organization before buiding this.

    JScript and Forms-

    Importing customizations will overwrite jscripts on entity event scripts that are common.  So, all forms and event coding will have to be manually merged on the source system before importing customizations.

    Find all the unique entities.
    Trace all their relationships.  That list contains the candidates for form/view/script modification.
    Compare all the remaining entities for differences before including them in a customization import.

    Thursday, April 29, 2010 7:27 PM