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  • Hi Everyone.

    Very raw user here so please, be gentle with me.

    I'm using Dynamics 2013 Online via the Outlook CRM plugin on a high-spec Dell XPS laptop running bang up-to-date Windows 8, latest Internet Explorer and Office/Outlook 2013 which is again, I believe, up-to-date. I have installed the required add-ins to support offline use of the system.

    Today, I tried to use the system offline and it went off and dutifully synced according to the filters I've set. It got my data, propagated customisations and informed me when the processes had completed. The moment I tried to use it in offline mode though after the sync the system reported, on the space where the ribbon is, that it couldn't get some webpage off a CRM server. I tried to access some opportunities and the system suddenly presented me with blank spaces with there should be tools bars and other bits of the frame. It was like it should have cached forms, for modifying a record for example, but they were not there. It crashed out, taking Outlook down. Starting Outlook again took an absolute age and when it did come back, I was able to use it online again, having first switched back.

    Can anyone suggest a line of enquiry to follow so I can resolve this and use the system offline when I need too?

    Thanks for your time.

    Thursday, January 9, 2014 4:15 PM