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  • 1. Does WIN LiveOne automatically shut off the Windows Defender? I run it once in a while - it is supposed to always work in the background but every time I click on it, it is turned off. Are the two services compatible?


    2.Since signing onto WL1, I have problems with my Amertrade account. I cannot type any orders, and dropdown lists flash on and disappear immediately. Also, when I got o thas account from webtv, I find a Windows Live cookie and have log in problems. How do I link my webtv so that Windows Live recognizes/ accepts it?


    3. Upon activating/ backup,  the window had  the auto central  backup included without giving me a choice.

      I do not want to backup to a central storage, I prefer backing up to CD. How do I turn off the central storage service?Thank you

    Tuesday, January 15, 2008 11:06 AM


  • Yes, Windows Live OneCare disables Defender by design. The protection of Defender is included in OneCare, so leave it off.


    Your Ameritrade problems sounds like ActiveX or Java code is being blocked in your IE Security Settings. Not having Ameritrade, I can't tell you what it requires, but I recommend contacting Ameritrade on this as OneCare should not be interfering with your ability to browse the web. If the Ameritrade problem is an actual application that you install, then you may want to see if the OneCare firewall has blocked it. Open OneCare, click on change settings and turn off the firewall temporarily. If the problem goes away, turn the firewall back on. If the problem returns, you'll need to work with OneCare support or Ameritrade support to determine what needs to be done to allow their program to function through the firewall - perhaps a port/protocol setting.


    In part 2 of your second question, OneCare and WebTV are totally unrelated. You'll need to contact support for your WebTV account regarding problems with cookies for any LiveID enabled site.


    For backup, open OneCare, and click change settings. Click on Backup and then click on Configure Backup. In the window that appears, click on Change Settings in the lower left. Make sure that "No centralized backup" is selected. Now highlight your PC name in the left column. Select Turn on backup on this PC and make your selections from the items in the list for configuring the backup. Click Next and Save when done.



    Tuesday, January 15, 2008 2:43 PM