CRM 2013 Outlook plugin randomly not loading tracked email info pane RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    As the title states, we are facing this very annoying problem.

    We have a CRM 2013 on-premise and IFD server running fine. The Exchange 2013 system is also up to date and running fine. Users connect to a RDS farm and then access their mail using Outlook 2013 with the CRM plugin installed and configured.

    Everything works as exptected except for the info pane that automatically opens when you select a tracked email.

    To be more precise, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not even selecting the very same email.

    When it does not work it shows the loading dots forever, but it is not email related because if you select another email and then select again the former maybe it works. It is not consistent. (See images of the very same email selected two times at distance of just few seconds)

    We already tryed everything which includes but not limits to: updating, changing language of application/plugin/SO, trying from inside the organization and from outside, used standalone client, tryed with different users having different level of privileges, looked at the trace the plugin produce, trying everything 32bit and then everything 64bit, you name it....

    Are there any good soul out there that already faced the same problem and maybe also solved it?

    Not working:


    Stefano Carri

    Wednesday, November 25, 2015 8:42 AM