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  • I have an OEM WHS installation on an Intel BOXD945GCLF2 Atom 330 mb w/4 1gb drives and also running Squeezebox Server... going great for about 8 months.  Main devices follow (.... means copper) (@ means wireless):

                                            wan            lan
    2nd Floor: [DSL modem]......[Buffalo G54]......[Computer Vista64]  


    1st Floor:  [Laptop XP]@   [Laptop XP]@  [Squeezbox]@    [Squeezbox]@


    Basement:  [Dumb Switch]......[WHS]
                                          ]......[Buffalo G54]
                                          ]......[Computer XP]
                                          ]......[Computer XP]
                                          ]......[Icom IC-7800]


    ----------------   (All operating systems are Businsess/Pro versions.)

    I flashed the Buffalo's firmware to 'Tomato' and it is configured as  'WDS and Access Point'

    As I said, everything has been fine... and then we had a lightning strike in the neighborhood.  So, I have a pile of all kinds of electronics for sale... really cheap.

    Actually the computers faired well... lost one Buffalo router, couple of 1gb ports on the switch, dsl modem, sound system on one computer.... and the Ethernet port on the WHS.  (Only one on the motherboard, of course!)

    I've replaced the dead stuff, except for the WHS... I bought a USB to Ethernet converter for the WHS.  I also had to change my ip assignments because my replacement DSL modem has fixed ip assignments on the LAN side.

    So, now everthing works as it should, except I can't connect to the WHS.... mostly.  Using 'workgroup' and 'shares' and 'Network Places' I can see what I should see and move data around to all computers..... EXCEPT the WHS.

    Using THE WHS: I can see what I should see and move data to and from WHS and each of the computers

    Using a COMPUTER (other than WHS):  I can see the WHS... but when I try to move data it errors-out... 'Path not found'.... and if I then try the same copy originating commands from the WHS, it will function properly.

    'CONNECTOR' will not connect, even manually.... can't find server.  SqueezeBox does not function 'cause no connecton to the WHS.  However I can see the SqueezeBox devices on the router 'attached devices'.

    Suggestion, please???  Could it be the TrendNet Ether to USB converter?

    Thanks very much... even if you have no suggestions, thanks for your time reading all of this.

    Friday, June 26, 2009 4:12 PM

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  • I would recommend using a standard PCI NIC, rather than a USB NIC.
    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Friday, June 26, 2009 5:08 PM