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  • I bought a Toshiba laptop when Vista was first introduced and was told that the 562m of ram would be all I need to run my computer efficiently.  Toshiba did up grade my ram after I fought with them because Vista uses alot of ram to run to 1G but I have found that to run this operating system with efficiency it is now being stated that you recommend a minimum of 2Gs on laptops and computer.  My system is slow and I did not ask for Vista on this laptop when I bought it.  It came already loaded and my only option is to buy more ram for it which I should not be forced to do.  If a product is misrepresented in such a way then you should make it right.  I am not asking for anything other than to have an operating system that runs effeciently and that is not slow as all get out because there was not enough ram to run it when it was sold to me.  It seems that although my ram was upgraded it was not enough because at the time Toshiba was under the impression that 1G should be sufficient.  I would much rather have had XP as then it would have had more than enough ram to run the operating system and other programs with out being slower than the 7 year itch.  I really do not expect Microsoft to make it right but did want to voice my opinion because they say there is a high demand for Vista but since we are not given a choice that is not going to cost us after we have spent good money on a computer with Vista already loaded although we did not ask for it then it seems to me that is quite deceptive.

    Tuesday, October 30, 2007 10:16 PM

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  • Try the following performance tips:

    Open Power Options (its in the Control Panel) and then
    place a dot next to High Performance.


    Open Device Manager (its in the Control Panel) and then
    right-click on your hard drive (under Disk Drives).  Click
    on "Policies" and make sure there are check marks next to
    "Optimize for Performance", "Enable write caching on
    the disk", and "Enable advanced performance", then click OK.

    Next, perform a Disk Cleanup:

    Click on the blue Vista start button and then on the Computer
    entry in the Start Menu.  Right-click on your hard drive and
    select Properties > Disk Cleanup > Files from all users.....
    More Options > Clean Up (System Restore and Shadow Copies).

    Consider installing addition RAM up to 2GB.  Having  a total of
    2GB RAM installed will significantly improve overall performance.
    Visit: http://www.crucial.com/ and run the Crucial System Scanner Tool.

    Tuesday, October 30, 2007 10:51 PM