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  • Ok, so I guess Ill start from the top... My father died recently and he willed me one of his comps. He wasnt the tech savviest of ppl and he never was keen on security or proper updates and settings. Ive had this comp for a while now and never used it for serious computing or sensitive material but times are a changing and im just tired of having to worry about all the holes in this system. It was topped off today when I dlt a couple files that were obviously not sys files while simultaneously troubleshooting a USB Bluetooth devise to use my android as a mouse/keyboard among other things when I also decided that the build up of debris on the "innerds" was bad and I wanted to clean it out. When I restarted the comp it said that an unotherized change was made to windows and activation was required? I know it is not a hacked version and have the code. But here is the thing...

    Ive seen hints of Vista things in here, my updates havent worked since I got the comp, firewall has never been able to turn on, Microsoft Security Essentials wont update, there are other user accounts but there hidden and only found them stumbling around, its a 64 bit sys but has 32 bit programs running, a pipe keeps trying to install... And whatever else Im forgetting off the top of my head to mention at the moment due to it being late and frustration. I do have some snapshots, wallpapers, etc to move to my external HD before I lose it all due too corruption or a blow up from my part trying to fix it and missing a step or it just being to far gone to save. But I can do that tonight, and tom what I dont have done I can finish up whilst I get you whatever info you need from my machine to start hopefully making this thing jump back up to par LOL.

    Please, Im way past my knowledge base and I know its easier to screw it up worse trying to fix it if you dont know what your doing from start to finish. Thank you for the time it took to read and process this mess of a prob and hopefully you are 'down like four flat tires' in your want and ability to try and help me out of this mess and get me and my fam back to enjoying the entertainment and internet that they crave and I can get my tech fix that I hate being without.

    Of course, any info, explanation, and particulars are yours as soon as I know how you would like to start attacking this thing.

    Friday, May 8, 2015 6:27 AM