Old folder names still show up in News RRS feed

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  • After a (top) folder is renamed, the old name is still used in News. For example, I created a folder "tt", and created a sub-folder "1", I got:

    ... renamed folder 1 in folder tt

    Then I renamed "tt" to "ttt", and renamed ttt/1 to ttt/2, I got:

    ... renamed folder 2 in folder tt

    Note that the old name "tt" was still used. That is very confusing.
    Thursday, May 29, 2008 3:47 PM


  • Hi derkuci,

    Would you mind submitting a bug report on this issue?  Instructions for submitting a bug with your logs attached are below.




    To submit a bug with your logs attached:

    Please go to http://connect.microsoft.com/. Sign in and then select Live Mesh Tech Preview on Your Dashboard.  Click Feedback and follow the instructions for collecting your logs and then submit a bug.

    To get your logs:

    1.  Click Start.
    2.  Select All Programs and look for the Live Mesh folder.
    3.  Click
    Collect Live Mesh Logs.
    4.  Your logs will be bundled together in a cab file now located on your desktop.

    Attach your LiveMeshLogs.cab file located on your desktop to your bug.

    Note: you will have to submit a bug first, then edit it to attach your logs.        

    If you do not have access to the Live Mesh Connect site, you can email your logs to lmprev@microsoft.com.  Please provide as much information about your issue as you can in that email.

    Thursday, May 29, 2008 7:20 PM