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    I have 5 computers, which one of them is my WHS, 3(one is a laptop) of them are wireless and 1 wired. I'm testing the WHS PC Restore feature, and I was trying to restore one of my 3 wireless pc, but WHS did not see my belkin high speed USB Network adapter. How can I make WHS to see the adapter during the restore process?

    Or do I have to have a NIC PXE (you know, the one that can get DNS from the router or server without OS installed capability). It's there such thing for wireless adapter? If so, show me the way.

    The reason is since WHS didn't see the adapter, I have to disconnect computer and move it next to the router to be able to restore my pc. Personally, I think that is a pain if I have to do that with every wireless computer, which I don't want to do that anyway. If WHS can do the backup of my pc's wireless, then it should be able to restore them the same way.


    WHS should have all the drivers of wireless adapter of every major brand like Linksys, Belkin, D-link to name a few. Or maybe nic company should make them PXE wireless adapter.





    Monday, November 12, 2007 1:46 AM

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    Unfortunately, it's just not possible to have drivers for everything on the PC restore disc.  It would be nice, but, well - it doesn't have drivers for the onboard NIC on one of my machines (that I've found so far.)  {{shrugs}}

    There's always the option to load additional NIC or drivers.....

    That said, doing a restore over wireless would just suck for time.  Wired = faster.  A lot faster.

    And, PXE support isn't the solution here - that's network boot, not address assignment.


     My $0.02...

    Monday, November 12, 2007 3:56 AM