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    Doing a re-install of a system that was working OK in that it saw all the drives.

    There were problems - which prompted the re-install - but WSH was seeing all the drives.


    During re-install,  Collecting Information | Load Additional Storage Drivers prompted me for drivers for two SATA cards that I have six of my drives connected to.

    I supplied the drivers and, after each set was supplied, the dialog showed the additional drives.

    So far, so good....


    But after the install was complete, Windows Home Server Console tells me that those six drives are "Missing".

    And, in fact, MyComputer | Manage | Disk Management does not see them either.

    It is as if the installer solicited the drivers, loaded them (since I could then see the drives), but never installed the drivers permanently.


    At the risk of confusing the issue, I also note that WSH is throwing some sort of error whose dialog contains:

    szAppName: demigrator.exe
    szAppVer: 60.0.1800.0
    szModName: deutil.dll
    szModVer: 6.0.1800.0
    offset 00019cd1


    Anybody been here?


    EDIT 2011 02-04 16:48:

    I think I see it: http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en/whshardware/thread/3a842dce-2274-4969-abb4-6863b8f1b4ec

    The cute parts are

    • When the process just aborts the install with a "EULA not found" if the user forgets to re-insert the install DVD before clicking "Next" after the last driver disc in Collecting Information | Load Additional Storage Drivers.   
    • At F6 time when it determines that the PC does not have a floppy drive, doesn't look for a CD drive, and gives the user no choice but to abort the install.

    This is starting to remind me of my better-forgotten attempt at becoming a Linux user... -)

    -- PeteCresswell
    Friday, February 4, 2011 8:17 PM