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    I have had the problem and am now having it again. This time the problem is located with other user trying to use writer to the same accounts I can access with writer.
    And they cannot.

    This is where I posted my first problem http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/writerbeta/thread/87b4cd96-bbe4-48d9-b67e-bdde283f25ae

    I have two installs of wordpress
    1) single install
    2) mu install (sub blogs)

    I have Writer and use it on all of these blogs or sub blogs for mu wordpress and don't have a problem.

    I wanted to introduce a co-author to my single wordpress install but she could not because of the error.
    I wanted to introduce a sub blog author (on my multi install) to use writer and he could not.


    If I can use Writer on the same single install and if I can use writer on the sub blog but they
    cannot use it on the

    single install or the sub blog

    then it means there's something wrong with Writer they are using

    Please note that I cannot change anything on their account settings because no account have been setup yet for these new authors.

    Thanks for helping

    johanhorak at gmail dot com

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  • open the index.php file on a site giving the error. Does it have some nonsense include trying to download a license file from another domain like wordpress.in?
    if yes, you are hacked!

    open the xmlrpc.php file.

    Line 27 (or so) should look like this:

    if it instead has something like this:
        $HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA = mysql_escape_string(trim($HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA));

    You have been hacked...

    Use phpMyAdmin or some other database administrator and check the database for your blog... look in wp_users and see if there are extra users you did not create. If there are... you already know what I am going to say. Then check the wp_usermeta and you should see entries in there with their user ID...

    If you don't have a database admin program you can check for this by loading the users edit page in your browser... Notice the COUNT of the users... lets say you have 2 legit users... for a SPLIT second it will show 4 users and then pop to 2... this is javascript code being executed (code inserted into the usermeta data in the DB) and it is basically subtracting by 2 the user count. If you think you saw it but not sure, just reload and watch more carefully...

    In the options tab there might be extra BS files added to the active plugins string and bogus RSS feeds for the dashboard that contain stuff like base64_decode or javascript or exec or eval...

    If any of the above is true. You have been hacked.
    Wednesday, June 3, 2009 7:31 AM