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  • Hello with the release of Windows 7 for some reason I am getting excited and look forward to the release, I had no interest in Vista whatsoever.

    I am now using the beta and I am finding you have some great features as well as stability and speed well done.
    Having said this I want to help make it better, you see you either got rid of features or kept the same old thing we need to move forward.

    *     Please bring back the cut, copy, paste buttons and customisation the right click or organize menu are way too cumbersome.
    *     Can we have one more view like in OSX with a horizontal tree, as you click on a folder a panel besides the current directory
           shows the content of that folder when you click on another folder another panel show what is inside that folder.
    *     A button below the search tool could open a new explorer window inside the explorer window, this is extremely handy and
           gives a streamlined workflow as you find the folder you were looking for, you then open the new explorer window and browse to that
           location to manage your files in one window.
    *     On the very right of the explorer window could be a little horizontal tab which hides and reveals the preview panel, again streamline instead
           of the button on the above.
    *     Customise the Organize, Include inlibrary, Share with... buttons.
    *     Make Adobe files preview viewable, .psd, .ai, ind..., (I have the files you need to do this)
    *     Colour files and folders like in OSX but take it one step further, include a legend with the colours which can be defined.
           For instance I have some files which need to be worked on and finished today so I can mark them say red, when you right click any file
           and go down to legend you can read what the meanings are.
           As I load the file into my application other people on the network shoud be able to see that the file is being worked on, by say
           a animated gradient animation.
           Once I am done I can turn it to green to indicte this file is ready to go, once the job is done and sent it could be turned to violet to incicate
           it has been sent.

    Start Button:

    *     I have never liked the Start button and even up to now with Windows 7 it is still a mess and your major weakness.
           If I know what I am looking for I could search it but if someone has many programs installed and I just want to browse to see what  
           someone has it is a headache to look through all these installed applications, the older windows didn't even list it alphabetical.
           Here is my suggestion have a Gatekeeper everytime you install an application the Gatekeeper will ask you what category this application
           should be installed to, you can choose to manage categories and have access to create rename delete categories.
           When you are finished and you click on start you still have your regular favorite applications, with recent below (don't change that).
           Now to the right is a horizontal tab you can toggle reveal / hide and it reveals these categories as buttons which you can customise
           Font, skin, tint colour on rollover when you click it it reveals the individual applications and only the executable file I don't want to see
           manuals, html links... a small triangle to the right of the executable file could open to the containing folder or simply right clicking open
           containing folder.
           This way I can have a category for Games, Office, Graphics, Movies, Music... and it is clean easily accessible, everything well organized how
           I like it. Anyone can come on the computer and simply browse and find everything. 
           Here is a link to the Start Button Redesign, I will have to redo the Explorer Redesign as I can not find it but I will post it later.
           ***Note there should also be a Manage Categories button just above Recent, I will fix all this too.




    *     A toggle shortcut to toggle gadgets hide on and off using F12
    *     A toggle shortcut to toggle desktop shortcuts on and off using F11
    *     A toggle shorcut to make the taskbar auto hide on off using F10
    *     I find the shortcut icon too large and obtrusive it covers much of the icon, reduce by about 20%?
    *     I notice you have a shortcut icon for a junction, this makes things confusing as to what is a shortcut and what is a junction.
           Why not make a t junction icon so there is a dot in the middle and three line almost touching it.

    One final thing please get those marketing people to make ONE VERSION as you install it you select Busines, Home, Gaming, Server, Video Editing and Graphics... Or at minimum TWO VERSIONS.
    Your customers are getting fed up with this nonsense, and makes you look bad.

    Please feel free to get in touch with me with any questions you may have, I would love to be involved in making a better Windows 7.

    Thank you very much for your time.
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