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  • I still have a problem in CRM 4.0.


    I have a 1:n parental relation from quote to an custom entity (with annotations that hold specific data needed in an external application).
    Now, when an activated quote is revised, i need to copy the related custom entity object (and all annotations) and relate it to the newly created quote.

    Because i cannot hang on to the internal revise message i'll have to register to the create quote event in the child pipeline.

    Here i can create a new custom entity an copy all annotations.
    But the problem is that i cannot create the relation (lookup) to the quote, because the quote generation runs inside a transaction and will be commited after the internal actions in the parent pipeline. 
    Of this i'll get an timeout if i try to create that lookup.

    Is there a solution to solve this?

    I could do it if i run my plugin asynchronous as post plugin in the child pipeline for the create quote message. But i have to assure that when the quote ist revised and the user can access the newly created quote, that then my copy process has finished to that time...
    I think that i can not assure this if i am running asynchron or can i?

    Thursday, November 25, 2010 3:56 PM


  • What you can do is make an unsupported change to make the Revise message available to you. To do this
    Open SdkMessageBase table, filter by Name and find the Revise message name and the SdkMessageId
    Now open the SdkMessageFilterbase table, filter by the SdkMessageId you got from above
    Change IsCustomProcessingStepAllowed from 0 to 1

    Now the Revise message will appear on the plugin registration tool

    Kids don't try this at home!
    Monday, January 3, 2011 9:26 PM