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  • I have been having some seriously annoying problems with my Windows Home Server (Acer EasyStore). I have followed almost every direction I can find on restoring it. But every time I run the Recovery Wizard, I continue to get "Server not Found" I have seen many other post for the same issue but nothing has been successful. Has anyone found a fool proof method of restoring the WHS? PLEASE HELP ME!
    Tuesday, July 23, 2013 5:42 PM

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  • The most reliable way to get the recovery wizard to find your server when it's having issues is to disconnect your server and the computer from which you'll run the recovery from your network. Then connect them directly with a physical network cable. Boot your server into recovery mode, and boot the computer you're running the recovery from using the server recovery disk. They will both use DHCP, and (because there will be no DHCP server on the network segment they're both connected to) they will use APIPA to allocate IP addresses to themselves. These addresses are guaranteed to be in the same subnet, so your server and the recovery PC should be able to "see" each other.

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)

    Wednesday, July 24, 2013 2:12 AM
  • I have tried that again, but still with know luck. I have also tried running the recovery from two different Windows 7 workstations and also a Windows 8 one. Does anyone have any ideas? at this point I am not concerned with preserving my data. I have already migrated it to another external drive. I just want to start from scratch and move on. 
    Wednesday, July 24, 2013 6:53 PM