YOU SUCK!!! RRS feed

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  • I had an e-mail i used to save a lot of private information and to connect to social networks like Facebook. This e-mail (teo0706@hotmail.com) got suspended for no reason for 2 times but i managed to get it back. Its about a year now and i can't get it back because i never sent any messages RECENTLY (as i remember) i never HAD any FOLDER CREATED and also.

    I put every info about this account as it was when i created it 5-7 years ago! But NOPE it keep saying the info is wrong and keep all my info locked. This account had a was signed in a lot of webpages that i currently need to reset passwords.

    DONT TELL ME TO MAKE A NEW. As a normal person would think that  IT WILL NOT HAVE ALL THESE INFO!!!!

    If i want a new e-mail i will use something more secure like Gmail because you cant crack e-mails by just changing the URL to access it(as it was before outlock)

    And stop sending stupid mails about making new account and stuff like that. Get me in touch with someone Intelligent enought to be able to talk and think what he/she saying at the same time to help me out with this!

    Saturday, November 30, 2013 1:09 PM