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  • What is the reason for sending out an automatic update that consists of only the Genuine Advantage Validation tool?

    Not like my computer's operating system hasn't been validated every single month since I purchased it last November.

    What does Microsoft expect to gain? To they really expect to catch anyone with a bootleg copy?

    Why can't software giant Microsoft come up with a program that recognizes computers with OS's already validated, and skip this unnecessary ____? I could see running this once a year, but this lonely little update download to validate an OS already validated really fries my cheese.

    What does Microsoft think I did between last month and this month? Get a bootleg copy of XP and stick it on my machine because I like hassles?

    Now I have that stupid update icon sitting on my system tray. Sure, I could go turn off the auto updates, then turn it back on, or even let the download run, but this is just a waste of my time, which is just as valuable as Microsoft's. ____, I'm just about ready to switch to Linux and tell Microsoft to (removed elusive language). 
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  •  Hello Bushman,

    Thank you for posting here in the WGA Forums. First I would like to ask you to please reframe using elusive language. These forums are here to help people out on a global nature and we do not want anyone to become offended. 

    Moving on. You mention having an update icon located in your system tray. Updates come out on a regular basis to help protect our customers ensure their Windows XP or Vista has all the necessary security updates. Hopefully this will help provide you with more explaination.


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