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    I cannot seem to find my posting from February requesting help with a new problem doing incremental backup, that seemed related as "version/dating" problem similar to the OLD MS-Word "permissions" bug [[which trashed the word file that was open while the security update downloaded  - user no longer had "permissions" to re-write the .doc to the C: drive  - because the security version number or timestamp was different.]]

    A nice fellow in Chennai has just told me that the "database Upgrade" that downloaded 03-26-2009 probably prevented me from doing a normal incremental CD backup of 1100 files, even though it estimated 12 minutes, it spat out disc 7 of the set, that it had just requested and told me "The disc in your drive contains data. Please replace it with a blank recordable disc."  So it decided not to do the incremental, and wanted to write all 7 discs (for 22,000 files) again. He has found a patch-around for external hard drives, but not for CDs and DVDs.  It did this too me in February too, which he attributed to operating system updates.

    When I found this "expiration" wake, I was disappointed, since we had worked so hard to get it all running right. Seems like a short life-cycle.  I had been counting on OneCare to be available in the future, so I could selectively read my CDs into my next machine. And OneCare seems to use a proprietary format that initiates the Restore function when I insert the CD.   I guess I will have to budget the extra time to do full backups more often, and use a "vanilla" writer so any software (even "My Computer" from the main menu) can read my archived discs as necessary.

    A warning to amateurs who rely on a single backup copy of all their files over on an external drive: by the time you realize that you, your kids, or a "permissions bug" has deleted or ruined a file, you may have written over the backup too.  You need to keep permanent offline copies in a file cabinet on CD, DVD, BlueRay, or {ick!) Tape. Then you can find last November's archive copy and restore it. You need an offsite backup too, if there are vital business documents - in case of fire or flood.

    The incremental backups saved me from data loss due to the "permissions" bug back when OneCare was new!

    Eirik Thorvaldsson

    Wednesday, April 22, 2009 6:11 AM


  • Clearly, the forum has its own issues and finding old post can be tough. :-)

    I split your post from the thread in General that you posted to and placed it in the Backup forum.

    The definitions database should never cause the incremental backup set to be lost, requiring a new full backup.
    There are basically three reasons for this:
    1. An annual backup that starts over with a new, full backup.
    2. The database has been reset using the database reset tool (or OneCare was reinstalled)
    3. The backup plan has been changed/reset

    I suppose that database corruption can be a cause, too, though I can't say that I know this through experience.

    We do not know if there will be a restore utility available in the future for OneCare backups, but I hope so. In the earliest version of OneCare, that autorun program on the CD/DVD backups actually launched a restore tool and not the full OneCare on the PC. It that tool can be made available, I think your issue is resolved.
    Alternatively, your backups are not proprietary. They are standard compressed fiels which can be read by programs such as WinZip and files extracted from the backups manually. That process isn't easy and requires another utility to rejoin any large files that were split before being placed into multiple .zip files, but it works.

    I agree with you on multiple backup plans for critical data. One backup by one program just isn't enough.

    Microsoft MVP Windows Live / Windows Live OneCare & Live Mesh Forum Moderator
    Wednesday, April 22, 2009 1:38 PM