Integrating Web Service with SensorMap RRS feed

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    We are trying to implement our own Data Hub. We have deployed a web service at http://www.ecssensors.org/SensorMap/Service.asmx. We have also registered a sensor at Southampton, Hampshire UK. This sensor has the webServiceUrl pointing to the above service. The sensor appears on the sensor map (in gray color) but it doesn't display the data (its a temperature sensor). We have tested our web service and it is configured correctly and giving the proper output to a test application. It seems to me as if there is something we have missed. Any Idea what might have gone wrong?


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    Muddasser Alam

    P.S. I have already registered my account for sensorMap under the email ID muddasseralam@yahoo.com. We are also running another temperature sensor using the default data hub (Microsoft) and this sensor is working fine.
    Wednesday, July 9, 2008 1:26 PM

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