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  • About one month ago, a friend buyed me Windows XP Pro (OEM). For several reasons, I had to format my PC about four times during this month, and I activated via Internet, because I have no possibility of activate by phone because it´s not possible where I am.

    The last time I wanted to activated, and the activation process informed me that I reach the limit of activations. That took me by surprise, I read in the help that you can activate as many times as you want. I didn´t change hardware at all, nothing has changed.

    Can somebody help me? what shall I do? I will appretiate any suggestion. You can write me at jncl2001@yahoo.es

    Thank you in advance





    Saturday, March 24, 2007 1:33 AM


  • Nick60,

    You are permitted to reinstall and activate XP as many times as you want to, as long as your use of XP maintains compliance with the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA).

    After a certain number of activations within a certain time period, automatic online activation will be suspended, which will require that you do a Telephone Activation.  If the automated telephone activation is not accepted, you will be offered the option to speak with a live activation representative.  Choose that option.  The rep will ask a few questions for the purpose of confirming that you are still using your license for XP in accordance with the EULA.  If so, the rep will issue an activation code for you to enter into the Activation Wizard.

    If your circumstances do not permit phone activation, there are no other means of activation.  You can only work around the requirement to activate by cleanly installing XP every 30 days and after each new clean installation, do not run the Activation Wizard or allow XP to automatically activate.  After about 120 days, your Product Key will be reset on MS servers, and you will be able to do an automatic online activation.

    Your circumstances are quite unusual in that the location has internet access but no voice telephone access.  Of course, you can always run the activation wizard, get the "challenge code" (aka installation ID) from the Wizard, then travel to a location with telephone access, call the Activation Center, give them the "challenge code," get the "response code," (aka activation ID) then travel back to the location of the computer and input the response code/activation ID.  Depending upon your circumstances, it might be just as easy to bring the computer along on this trip to a phone.

    Saturday, March 24, 2007 3:14 PM