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  • I am using sysprep to image a win 7 computer..I am using microsofts "Preserving OEM Activation" instructions. My goal is to image the computer and preserve the activation but I am getting an error when trying to run sysprep in audit mode..I run audit mode and the computer restarts and it says updating registry and then the error is "factory.exe entry point not found" "the procedure entry point setupextendpartition could not be located in the DLL syssetup.dll".


    Customizing Windows in audit mode

    Audit mode enables you to customize a Windows installation without having to configure the user interface pages of Windows Welcome. Audit mode is ideal for making changes to a Windows image before shipping a computer to an end user or capturing the image for reuse in your organization. For more information about audit mode, see the topic: "Understanding Audit Mode" in the Windows OEM Preinstallation Kit (Windows OPK) or Windows Automated Installation Kit (Windows AIK).


    If you use the sysprep /audit command to boot to audit mode, the computer will be removed from a domain. You must rejoin the computer to a domain in audit mode.

    Updating by using audit mode

    Use the following steps to update an image by using audit mode.

    1.   Boot Windows into audit mode. If your system is configured to boot to Windows Welcome, power on the computer, then at the Windows Welcome screen, press CTRL+SHIFT+F3.

    For more information about audit mode, see the following topics in the Windows OPK or the Windows AIK documentation: "Customize Windows in Audit Mode," and "How Configuration Passes Work."

    2.   Install software, drivers, or LOB applications.

    3.   Prepare the computer for shipping, image capturing, or ongoing maintenance.

    ·      If you plan to ship the computer to the end user, or to capture an image of the computer for deployment, see the section "Prepare the computer for delivery" later in this topic.

    - or -

    ·      If you plan to perform future maintenance on this image, see the section "Prepare the image for ongoing maintenance" later in this topic.


    Wednesday, February 23, 2011 6:49 PM