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  • To cater to those tech buffs who want to customize everything from their computers to their home pages, the search giant is reportedly today unveiling a new set of decorations or 'skins' designed to make customers' home pages even more homely.
    The 'skins' are panoramic settings programmed to change as per the time of the day and the outside weather.

    Google's Vice President of Search Products and User Experience, Marissa Mayer, said, Google has become the doorway to the Internet for a whole lot of people, so they want to make the site look and feel more like an online living room. She added, they feel they are personalizing things in a very tasteful and useable way.

    Mayer said Google wants to jazz up its site, but without making things too busy or commercial.

    This is evident from the company's cautious approach even in case of its first batch of decorations that comprise just six themes revolving mostly around landscapes. The 'skins' include a beach, a Japanese tea garden, a city skyline, and a bus stop. Google plans to introduce some more themes every month, and might even start accepting outside submissions, Mayer said.

    The decorations are programmed to reflect what is happening in the outside world. Upon entering ZIP codes, users' settings change from day to night or as per the weather outside.

    Mayer hinted that the designs will also contain hidden surprises dubbed 'Easter eggs' that will open up with a timely click at a particular time of the day.

    All said, it's possible these bells and whistles will go down well with Google users. Already, a whole lot of them have created log-ins that allow them select from a range of features, including stock quotes, local weather, and news headlines

    Thursday, March 22, 2007 6:11 PM


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