Archiving PIC RRS feed

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  • We have written a custom tab to display an .asp page to retrieve conversations from the OCS database and have run into an interesting issue.  Is anyone successfully archiving PIC converstations, and returning them properly?  We are finding that any conversation between an External and an Internal user is being archived properly, but that all of these conversations are being "modified", for some reason another, different conversation is added to this one.


    To be more specific, the Dialogs.DialogId, Dialogs.ExternalId, SessionDetails.User1Id, SessionDetails.User2Id, , Messages.SessionIdTime, Messages.FromId, Messages.ToId, Messages.Body fields are all the same as the expected conversation, but the initial Messages.Body field is from a different conversation.  Even the ContentTypeId is different, all of our Internal IM's are all RTF format, and all PIC conversations are PlainText, it's just that for some reason the DB is tagging a random conversation as included in the PIC conversations.


    Messages.ContentTypeId and Messages.MessageIdTime as mentioned earlier are both properly inserted into the tables, as expected. 


    The funny thing here is that the Database actually also has a record of the "rogue" record that is proper, with the proper SessionIdTime, ToId, and FromId.


    Please, anyone who is archiving and is also configured for PIC, please check your database to see if you are seeing this same strange behavior, or if it's just our implementation.


    I can provide the queries in case anyone who is logging this data is unable to check on this for us.


    Thanks in advance.



    Friday, February 29, 2008 2:37 PM