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  • I've been running my own web based business since 2001 and am vary familiar with ASP based websites (VBScript), and somewhat familiar with ASP.NET based websites. I run a forum based off ASP.NET and day by day my understanding of how the code works is improving. The problem is, I've been using Dreamweaver to manage by .NET web applications and I know I should be using Visual Studio.

    I have downloaded the 90 day trial of Visual Studio and I want to install it and start playing around with some .NET websites (like DotNetNuke). The thing is, I don't know the best way to go about it.

    I'm going to be running this on Windows 7 x64. On that machine I'm going to install Virtual PC 2007 and within Virtual PC 2007 I will install Windows Server 2003 Standard. This Windows 2003 server will be my testing server where my test website will reside.

    Knowing that, here are some of my questions:

    1.) Would it be best to install Visual Studio on my Windows 7 OS, or inside on the Virtual PC on Windows Server 2003?

    1. a.) If I install Visual Studio on the Windows 7 OS, would I then FTP my local test site to the Windows 2003 Server for testing via a web browser?

    2.) Is there a better way to setup my testing of .NET websites then what I listed above? I like to keep my main machine (in this case, Windows 7) running with as little as possible. I don't really want to install and run IIS and SQL Server on my main Windows 7 workstation (hence why I would prefer to run a server in Virtual PC 2007).

    3.) Should I do a default install of Visual Studio? Or are there a lot of extra's I won't be needing since I plan on only using Visual Studio for web applications? If I should do a custom install, what items do I need to include (or exclude)?

    I'm sorry for asking such newbish questions. I'm really interested in learning more about .NET and learning my way around Visual Studio... I just want to make sure I have everything installed and configured optimally from the beginning.
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